Anti Tangle Conditioner

A conditioner with extracts of camomile ideal for long haired dogs. Preferred by groomers to aid the combing of long hair.

Brand: Greenfields Care
Category: GroomingTreatsConditioners

Product Code: 151825

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Product Description

Greenfields Care’s Anti-Tangle Conditioner , with extracts of chamomile, is ideal for long-haired dogs, as well as being suitable for all other breeds. The Anti-Tangle conditioning formula is perfume free and does not need to be rinsed out. Brush or comb the Anti-Tangle Conditioner onto your pet’s coat, to assist in maintaining a tangle-free and shining coat. Suitable for wet or dry coats.

Directions for use: After washing your dog with any of the varieties of Greenfields Dog Shampoo, rinse the coat with warm water. Apply the Pet Conditioner & Anti-Tangle and massage into the wet coat. Leave for a minute – no need to rinse – then comb through the coat. Groomers prefer this product as it aids combing the coats of long-haired dogs. Available in a 250ml bottle.