Bio Cream

Extraordinary protective, regenerating, hydrating, detangling treatment mask with organic wheat germ oil, Vitamin E and a number of essential elements with a pH ideal for the skin of dogs, cats and exotic pets. Nutrient-rich, can be used neat, diluted in shampoo or diluted in very hot water as a creme rinse. For routine grooming or when preparing for a show, enables quick, effective detangling and prevents coat drying and matting.

Brand: Ladybel
Category: Grooming

Product Code: CREBIO

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200 gms, 450 gms, 600gms

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Product Description

Application: All delicate, fragile, easily-matted, brittle and damaged coats

Action: Hydrating, nourishing, regenerating treatment mask

Active ingredient: Organic wheat germ

Packaging: 200 g, 450 g and 600 g pots