Bitter Apple

This non-toxic, non-hazardous chew prevention training product dissuades dogs and other pets from chewing furniture or other items, damaging their fur or other animals’ fur by chewing, licking wounds or ripping off dressings. Chew prevention through taste! Highly persistent.

Brand: Ladybel
Category: GroomingCleansing and Training

Product Code: HYGBIT200ML

Availabilty: Out of stock

Product Description

Made of non-toxic and harmless bitter properties with apple essence, Bitter Apple dissuades dogs and other animals from gnawing on furniture or any other object. It can be sprayed on an animal’s fur to prevent the animal from licking their sores, or applied directly onto a bandage to dissuade the animal from tearing it off. This effective spray dissuades and retrains the animal with its bitter and long-lasting taste.

Available in a 200 ml spray bottle.

Application: Protection of property and dressings

Action: Chew prevention training product

Packaging: 200 ml spray