Dog Lotion Spa Sea Breeze

Greenfields lotions will gently lift unwanted odours and replace them with a pleasant scent and brilliant sheen.Ideal for show dogs and household pets (available in 8 fragrances).

Brand: Greenfields Care
Category: GroomingPerfumes and Lotions

Product Code: 153164

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Product Description

Greenfield SPA lotion for dogs with Sea breeze- Will Carefully remove any. unwanted odors from the dog and replace it with a pleasant scent and brilliant shine. With silk derivatives which softens the coat and skin.No painful animal experiments. Highly concentrated Dilute 1:10.  No added salt that irritates eyes and dry out the coat. With the proper Ph value of the seventh. Ideal for show dogs and petsSuitable for all breeds, this lotion gently lifts unwanted odours from your pet’s coat, protecting and conditioning the coat, whilst leaving behind a pleasant scent. Ideal for show dogs and household pets.

Instructions for use:Spray lotion directly on to pet’s coat and gently rub down with a cloth.