Dogz on the Run Spray & Go shampoo

This innovative moisturising product will allow washing the dog without the need of wetting the coat. Leaves a shine to the coat. Ideal for walks and traveling.

Brand: Greenfields Care
Category: GroomingDry Shampoos

Product Code: 154321

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Product Description

‘Spray and Go’ Dogz on the Run Shampoo 250ml

This innovative moisturising product from Greenfields allows you and your canine friend all the freedom of the outdoors. With ‘Dogz on the Run Spray & Go Shampoo’ there is no need to wet your dog’s coat first. Simply spray on and wipe off using a towel or cloth, leaving the coat shining and clean. No need to rinse. Ideal for walks and traveling. Also available in a 75ml size, as well as in a handy travel gift set with towel and lotion.