Jojoba Magic

This treatment with organic jojoba oil contains Vitamin E and a UV filtering screen. Facilitates detangling, protects colour and deodorises. Leaves coat smooth, supple and shiny. Prevents matting and breaking. For use before shows, but especially for routine, regular care when brushing animals with long, luxurious fur. Jojoba Magic is the conditioner of choice for those who prefer organic plant oils.

Brand: Ladybel
Category: Grooming

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300 ml, 500 ml

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Product Description

This jojoba oil conditioner contains vitamin E and sun protection. It protects colors, simplifies detangling and encourages hair growth and re-growth. It makes hair smooth, soft, and shiny and prevents it from matting and breaking. It leaves no sticky residue, allowing the product to be used both before an exhibition and for the regular upkeep of dogs with coats that are long and luxurious. It can also be used as a deep-oil treatment before a bath. Jojoba Magic is the favorite aerosol spray for vegetable oil product lovers.

Delivery to mainland France and continental Europe only.

Available in 300 ml and 500 ml aerosol sprays.

Application: All coats, particularly long and silky

Action: Detangling and hydrating treatment

Active ingredient: Organic jojoba oil

Packaging: 300 and 500 ml aerosols