Lady 3 Actions

Fragrant, creamy, gentle shampoo with natural milk and wheat extracts. Cleanses, detangles and glosses in one. Ideal for all breeds of dog, cat and exotic pet. Fresh fragrance. This 3-in-1 shampoo is ideal for animals that are washed occasionally, when travelling, due to lack of time or on  holiday.

Brand: Ladybel
Category: GroomingDetanglers and CaresShampoos

Product Code: SHA3AC200ML

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Product Description

This three-in-one shampoo cleans, detangles and illuminates all types of coats. Lady 3-Action is a creamy shampoo that is softly scented with a sweet floral fragrance.\r\n\r\nDIRECTIONS FOR USE :\r\n\r\nThe recommended dilution of this product is one part shampoo to three parts water. Thoroughly wet the animal’s coat with warm water and thoroughly apply the shampoo to ensure adequate penetration of the product throughout the coat, then rinse completely. Repeat a second application, leaving the product on for three minutes, then rinse completely. Use a preferred conditioning product while rinsing to reinforce the nourishing properties of the shampoo. Avoid contact with eyes.\r\n\r\nAvailable in a 200 ml bottle.\r\n\r\nApplication: All coats. Dogs, cats and exotic pets\r\nAction: Concentrated cleansing, detangling, glossing shampoo\r\nActive ingredient: Natural wheat proteins and milk extract\r\nPackaging: 200 ml bottle