Lady Antipipi

Lady Antipipi is a training product that effectively dissuades your pet from urinating in places in your home that you want to protect. It is noncaustic and can therefore be applied to all types of floor covering, furniture, fabric, etc.

Brand: Ladybel
Category: GroomingCleansing and Training

Product Code: HYGPIPSPR200ML

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Product Description

This repellent effectively dissuades animals from urinating in spots both inside and outside of the home that need to be protected. It is non-caustic and can be applied on all types of flooring (including carpet and outside pavement), furniture (including fabric), doors, windows, and walls (both interior and exterior).

Available in a 200 ml spray bottle.

Application: Indoors and outdoors

Action: Urine prevention training product

Packaging: 200 ml spray