Lady Magic

Wonderful detangling conditioner with organic rice proteins. Non-greasy. Active ingredients provide highly effective detangling and blow-drying. Non-sticky. Can be used in conjunction with Mouss’Coiff for volumising blow-drying, Ring Parade for show preparation or Wooly Warrior to care for problem, thick or easily-matted fur. All breeds of dog, cat and exotic pet with fluffy or coarse coats: (Poodle, Collie, Pekinese, Bobtail, Spitz, Cocker, Bichon. Particularly suitable for all cats, angora rabbits, Peruvian guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.).

Brand: Ladybel
Category: Grooming

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1 L, 200 ml

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Product Description

This oil-free de-matting conditioner lightly dampens the fur, allowing the products active components to effectively aid in the de-matting and fur brushing process. It is suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats and domestic animals with medium length to long fur. It can be used with Mouss’Coiff for voluminous fur styling, with Ring Parade for exhibition preparation or with Wooly Warrior for the de-matting and care of thick and matted fur.

Application: All fluffy, curly and coarse coats

Action: Non-greasy conditioning detangler

Active ingredient: Organic rice proteins

Packaging: 200 ml spray and 1 litre refill