Lady MH4

Intense ultra-hydrating treatment with precious organic oils. Deeply nourishes fur and skin, helps detangle and softens coat without attracting dust. Prevents undercoat from matting and wadding. Essential in wraps. The product of choice for professionals with long-haired dogs!

Brand: Ladybel
Category: Grooming

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250 ml, 400 ml

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Product Description

This super-moisturizing conditioner nourishes the fur and the skin, aids in de-matting, and soften the fur without retaining dust. It fights against under-coat matting while moisturizing the entire coat.

Application: Long, problem, very dry, brittle and easily-matted coats

Action: Ultra-hydrating dematting treatment

Active ingredient: Organic jojoba and organic avocado oil

Packaging: 200 and 400 ml bottles