Ring Parade

This conditioner/glosser/detangler uses the marvellous protective and shine-inducing properties of organic macadamia nut oil. Specially designed for preparation and final-brush down at shows. Suitable for dog, cat and exotic pet fur. Anti-static. Tames coat and facilitates fur shaping, deodorises, shines, brightens colours, doesn’t leave fur greasy. Coat retains all of its volume and spectacular appearance. Can be applied before or after shampooing to dry or damp fur, and can be used for routine care of animals with fur textures not prone to matting. Also suitable for short coats, adding shine and radiance.

Brand: Ladybel
Category: Grooming

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300ml, 500ml

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Product Description

This detangling, conditioning and gloss-inducing spray has been specially formulated to prepare dogs, cats or other furry pets for show exhibitions and performances. The lightweight formula aids in detangling, brightening and revitalizing the coat, with a nice smell. Ring Parade effectively detangles the coat with its deep conditioning properties, while maintaining volume and preserving pre-exhibition grooming. It can be used on wet or dry hair for the final brush down before an exhibition. The spray makes the hair manageable and fur shaping easy and can be used both before and after shampooing. Ring Parade can also be used on a regular basis for keeping fur that is not inclined to mat.

Application: All coats in need of enhancement and highlighting

Action: Colour enhancer and show presentation

Active ingredient: Organic macadamia nut oil

Packaging: 300 and 500 ml aerosols