QChef Dental Cheesies
QChef Dental Cheesies

QChef Dental Cheesies

QChef Dental Cheesies

These dental cheese treats reward your dog while making sure your dog gets a proper tooth brushing. As an extra bonus these treats are low calorie at only 4kcal/Cheesie. Cheese reduces 80% of mouth bacteria and helps prevent future tartar from clinging to teeth. 


  • Puffed, light protein snack
  • Rare source of protein 
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Neutralizes the mouth flora providing antibacterial properties 
  • Remineralizes damaged tooth enamel 
  • Free of gluten, lactose, sugar and additives. 


35% dairy products, rice, bio-glyzerin (from coconut oil), rapeseed oil, coconut oil

This is sold in a case of 5

Sku: QCR305

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