Healthy Monoproteinic

Monoproteic Food for Dogs and Cats

Healthy meat products are made of high-quality selected meat, originating from Italian farms and guaranteed by a traceability system at the forefront of technology and product quality in the pet food industry. They are rich in noble proteins and highly digestible: the absence of derivates furthers their natural palatability and the minimum vitamin and minerals integration reflects their freshness and quality as well. Traceability system answers for the origin and the quality of such a raw material too.

Fish is very important in dogs' and cats’ feeding because it is an excellent option to other protein food containing meat and supplies in the same way high-quality proteins, an important level of vital minerals and bears elevated essential fatty acids. Its low cholesterol content, its high ratio of Ω3 and Ω6 fatty acids, its richness of minerals as well as its high digestibility make fish a suitable food for your pets’ health.