Bass 100% Boar Palm Pad Bristle Brush - 100% Bamboo Wood Handle

Bass Palm Pad Bristle Brush

The Bass Palm Pad Bristle Brush is ideal for grooming short-haired pets. The bristles on this brush give an invigorating skin massage that helps stimulate the skin's oil glands. Regular brushing helps distribute natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat. Bristles are inlaid in a soft rubber cushion, making this Palm Pad gentle on both skin and coat. The handle-less shape and style of this brush make it very comfortable and easy to use. This brush should be used on dry coats only.

Bass Palm Pad Bristle Brush Features:

•    Ideal for brushing short coats.
•    Bristles stimulate the oil glands to help prevent dry skin.
•    Features an elasticated hand strap for ease of use.
•    Material: Boar bristles, bamboo, rubber.
•    Size: 12.5cm.

Groomers Expert Tips: The best quality bristle brushes do not contain any nylon. This brush features 100% pure boar bristle.