Large Oval Multi-Sectioned Brush - 100% Bamboo Wood Handle

Bass Wide Head Multi-Sectioned Brush

The Bass Multi-Sectioned Brush has been specially designed to remove tangles and stimulate the skin's oil glands. Featuring a mixture of moulded wire pins and boar bristles inlaid in a soft rubber cushion, this oval shaped brush is gentle on both the skin and coat. The boar bristles stimulate and distribute the coat's oils, leaving a healthy, vibrant shine, and the outer layer of metal pins smooth and separate the hair. 

Bass Multi-Sectioned Brush Features:

•    Ideal for detangling and smoothing dog coats.
•    Material: Wire bristles, boar bristles, bamboo, rubber.
•    Size: 24cm or 9.5"(wide head).
Groomers Expert Tips: This brush is ideal for use on medium to long-haired types of dog coat. The wider head is perfect for use on larger dog breeds.