VBB Healthy Meat Single Protein, Dog or Cat Canned Food

VBB Healthy Meat 

Why Single Protein?

This healthy single protein food for dogs and cats allows owners to avoid and naturally solve food intolerances and allergic reactions.

What’s in your food?

  • Traceable ingredients
  • 100% Italian
  • Sourced from Italian farms
  • Novel proteins
  • Taurine and vitamin A rich
  • Guar Gum helps give this food a natural pâté consistency
  • Sunflower oil coated cans help for easy pour
  • Nutritionally complete no supplementation required

About VBB

V.B.B. was established thirty years ago, growing from a passion for pets and their well-being. The company is committed to improving and updating the manufacturing of natural and tasty pet products for dogs and cats. The production facility is located in the heart of the Umbrian countryside, “The Green Heart of Italy”. This is an area of great tradition and culture surrounding animal feeding. The company owner modelled the key values of the company after the local farmer’s fields

This food is a suitable complete diet for dogs or cats 

Sold in cases of 24